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August 18 2010: Live Music with Red Slider, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine + WFAS and Benefit Concert Featuring Sean Lennon PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Neil Alexander

The newly formed Jazz Electonica band Red Slider (virtuosos Neil Alexander - Synth and laptop, Ray Levier - Drums and laptop) came down to the WVKR studio for their debut performance live on Radio Active Lunch. This rich, dense, polyrhythmic, cross cultural all improvised mix is one of the most thrilling musical manifestations I've sunk my ears into in some time. Yuu get the old school jazz, you get the funk, you get the fusion, you get the ethnic blend, you get the techno, you get the full on freestyle therapeutic cranial massage with Red Slider gauranteed to liberate you from whatever it is holding you back in this life - or your money back. Listener discretion is advised:

Listen to Part 1 >>

Listen to Part 2 >>


 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

I spoke with Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., director of nutrition education at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting preventive medicine, especially better nutrition, and higher standards in research. We spoke about the health benefits of a plant based diet, diet and nutrition as preventative medicine, the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart, an in situ study with Geico employees centered around a vegan diet, and much more...


Woodstock Farm Animal SanctuaryJenny Brown - co-founder and director of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary - called in to tell us about the great work WFAS does and to discuss  the benefit concert this weekend featuring Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl .


Those interviews can be found here >>





August 11 2010: Singer/Songwriter Jaik Miller and Percussionist Max Tucker PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Jaik Miller

Listen to Part 2 >>

Singer/Songwriter Jaik Miller and Percussionist Max Tucker  (on cajon and vox) joined me in the  WVKR Studio for a 2 hour mix of live music and tunes from a number of Jaik's and Max's other projects inluding the Jaik Miller Band and Dennis Black, Instant Classic as well as some of Jaik's earlier work with Xanax25.

Jaik Miller has long been on the leading edge of the New York City rock scene. An accomplished songwriter/singer/guitarist/producer, Jaik first gained international attention as the lead singer of XANAX 25.

Jaik MillerHe has written and recorded with a wide range of artists, from Brazilian Girls' Sabina Sciubba and Suzanne Vega to hip hop legends Jungle Brothers; from 21st Century wunderkind composer Alexander Berne to West Coast NuMetalers Deadsy;  from freestyle dance pop superstar SK8 to members of the Allman Brothers, Funkadelic and King Crimson. In 2005, Miller appeared on and was a featured musical artist on the USA Network's hit television show, MONK. Read More >>

Max Tucker is a drummer and percussionist from New York City.  He has lived in New York for ten years, moving after High School from California to attend the New School University Jazz Program.  Max played in many bands after graduating college, most notably the afro-pop group, Asiko and Jaik Miller Band, with whom he toured the north-east extensively.  Max also played with the brass gospel band, McCullough Son’s of Thunder with whom he played at Carnegie Hall (opening for Antony and the Johnsons) and Monterey Jazz Festival (opening for Bonnie Raitt).
Read More >> 

Also Check Out:



August 4 2010: Silent Tribute to Dave "Capt X" Roufberg, Freestyle Improvisation with RaW WaR and John Feeney on the Unsustainable Nature of Civilization PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010

Listen to Part 1 >>

Listen to Part 2 >>

TDave "Capt X" Roufberg Tribute CDoday is the birthday of the legendary bassist, composer and band leader  Capt X.  I played a number of his compositions from the Tribute CD during the program. You can download  complete tracks from the Tribute CD for as long as you are alive here >>

Additionally, the Radio Active Lunch F'Orchestra came together as RaW WaR to tear down any conceptions - pre, mis, or otherwise - about what music should sound like. The line up is/are:Stolen Fork Art Liana Gabel on Voice, Evan Stormo on Percussion, Michael Lutomski on Percussion, Peter Elliot Newman on Bass and Banjo and Adam Roufberg on guitar.



 John FeeneyI spoke with  John Feeney about his latest publication "AGRICULTURE: Ending the World as We Know It " and on his latest works regarding the unsustainable nature of civilization and post civiliation topics.

More details and the uninterrupted interview can be found here >> 





July 28 2010: More Wicked Music and Words from the Wise - Paul Damon Thomas, Lauren Yanks, Michael Annis, Kathleen Conlee and John Robbins PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Paul Damon ThomasMy musical guest this week was the very talented songwriter, composer, poet, guitarist, drummer, bassist, keyboardist Paul Damon Thomas. What I really dig about Paul's music is that it is raw, gutsy, real, and human. His songs are composed around a concept such that the music, stylistically, fits the mood and mode of the songs intent. The results are a great diversity of style and feel ranging from  space-pop to orchestral death metal. Paul performed solo on acoustic guitar and played some tracks from the volume of  CD's of his original music he brought down to the studio - all composed and played by him on all instruments. His music is lyrically profound and technically complex and complete. 

Listen to Part 1 >>

Listen to Part 2 >>

Part 1 contains interviews witht the following persons (These interviews can be heard individually (without the music) here >> ) :


During part two I aired the last portion of an interview with best selling author John Robbins on his latest book "The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever In An Age of Less." The complete interview can be heard at >>


July 21 2010: Live Music with six7 and interviews on Art, War, and Self-Determination PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Listen to Part 2 >>

Patrick Fitzgerald

six7 played the WVKR studio featuring Patrick FItzgerald on guitar and vox, Justin Virga on Bass, and Christian Laura on Percussion. Pretty straight ahead rock and roll Patrick's intelligent and peritinent lyrics, precessing sarcasm and seriousity, are backed by Justins solid melodic comping and sit-in drummer Christian's (featured in RALFO ) creative and intuituive drumming, sound like Lou Reed smokes Frank Zappa drinks David Byrne.


Maiti Nepal Lauren Yanks - local journalist/educator -  joined me in the WVKR studio to discuss her work and experiences in Nepal working with children rescued from the Sex/Slave trade. (Click on Images for links to orgs Lauren was involved with).

 Asha Nepal


 Omega 7



I aired 3 of 4 parts of an interview with Michael Annis - Poet/Publisher - in which we discussed the cross pollination of ideas, the spirit of revolution and the revolutionary spirit, and genetic transfiguration. (Check out Omega 7: from Hive this Mind )


I spoke with Geoffrey Millard - Chair of the National Board of Directors of  Iraq Veterans Against the War about IVAW's work, outreach, activities, mission and strategy for engaging veterans, the public, and the government about the illegal military action in Iraq.


The interviews are archived individually here >>


Iraq Veterans Agains the War




July 14 2010: Singer/Songwriter/Keyboardist Brianne Chasanoff Plays the WVKR Studio + Interviews with John Robbins and Michael Annis PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010

 Brianne ChasanoffBrianne Chasanoff joined me in the WVKR studio this afternoon to play and spin some tunes from her album "Broken ". She also played some as of yet unreleased tunes composed for her next album scheduled (albeit loosely)  for release next year. Her song style touches on many different genres and her voice brings to mind Joni Mitchell, Sarah Mclaughlin, Karen Carpenter, and Carole King  with a touch of Tom Waits. Her compositions are sometimes dark and sometimes upbeat but her powerful resonant, yet angelic, voice is always captivating.

 Howling Dog Press I spoke with Michael Annis, poet/publisher/revolutionary extraordinaire, about this weekend's event in NYC "(H)omage to Omega" which I consider to be a Hinge Event celebrating the phenomenal works of the Omega series - the most recent being "Omega 7 'from hive this mind '" - and, in general, the works and publications of Michael Annis and his publishing company Howling Dog Press . The event is taking place at the 5c Cultural Center and Cafe on Saturday July 17 at 8 PM.

Listen to Part 1 >>

Listen to Part 2 >>


The New Good Life by John Robbins

I aired an interview on  "The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever In An Age of Less , " by best selling author John Robbins (Diet for a New America, The Food Revolution) is an imperative for the survival of those who wish to live in an economy of exchange of spirit vs. an economy of cash. It is essential reading for those who wish to live as responsible people, family members, citizens, and more importantly, as members of the global community who wish to lead responsible lives in cooperation with the the living world and the environment - as opposed to moving in a more competitive fashion as instilled and bred in a greed based capitalist system which, face it people, clearly has not worked.

In addition to a beautiful conceptual framework for living better, John Robbins effectively holds one's hand and walks one through many practical matters regarding a clear evaluation of one's financial 'worth' vs quality of life - defining six Jungian type money archetypes to help one better understand their own disposition in handling money and interacting with others (partners, for example).

Listen to the Interview with John Robbins >> 

Check out the book on >>







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