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Written by Adam Roufberg   
Thursday, 09 February 2012


Howdy people!


Currently, I am updating the goings on on Radio Active Lunch on my facebook page:

Yet, all of the musical performances and interviews are also accessible via the page:

Search on the name or the date of the performance or interview. All audio files are available for free stream or download.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me >> 


May 28 2011: Live Music with Neil Alexander and Interview with Michael Lutomski Interviewing Dennis McKenna on Terrance McKenna PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Neil AlexanderVirtuoso Jazz Electronica Eclectica keyboardist Neil Alexander graced the WVKR studio once again for a solo performance of his outstanding music featuring straight  ahead electronica improv with a little Pink Floyd in the Mix.

Foxy DigitalisI was also joined by Michael Lutomski who interviewed Dennis McKenna on his upcoming book on his Ethnobtanical, Philosophical hallucinogenic experiences and writings with his famed brother Terrance McKenna. Michael write's for the music ezine Foxy Digitalis .


Listen to the First hour with Neil, Michael, Dennis and RadmanX >>

Listen to the Seconf hour with Neil, Michael, Dennis and RadmanX >> 

Check out entire interview with Dennis McKenna >>




May 4 2011: Fairweather Friends PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 04 May 2011

Fairweather Friends played the WVKR studio:

  • Adir Cohen
  • Jed Kosner
  • Rick Birmingham
  • Laurente Blanchette 

Listen to the first hour with Fairweather Friends >>

Listen to the second hour with Fairweather Friends >>




April 27 2011: White Noise Plays Rumi, Greyhawk, US Army Field Manual First Aid, and God PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Stylefree Freestyle Lunch F'Orchestra barely improvised selections from Rumi, Freespace, The US Army Field Manual for White NoiseFirst Aid FM 20 -11, Greyhawk, Orchestra for Solo Orchestra and Other Music. The players, well, we're not all players, included:

  • Holly Klipera: Voice, Voice and Ting
  • Deborah Gillespie: Flute, Voice and Ting
  • Rick Birmingham: Jimbush, Violin, Voice and Ting
  • Vince Tampio: Trumpet, Sock and Chaos Pad
  • RadmanX: Guitar, Clap and Snap

Download or Stream White Noise Part 1 >>

Download or Stream White Noise Part 2 >>


April 6 2011: Live Music with Breakfast in Fur and A Tribute to Poet Gregory Greyhawk PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Monday, 04 April 2011

Sample Image I was  joined in the WVKR studio by members of the band Breakfast in Fur (Michael Hollis, Matt Ross, James O'Keeffe, Kaitlin Van Pelt and Dan Wolfe) for some live tunes and the spinning and or streaming of digital audio files for your listening pleasure.

Listen to Breakfast in Fur Part 1 >>

Listen to Breakfast in Fur Part 2 >>

Sample ImagePoet, Publisher and Editor of Howling Dog Press , Michael Annis, discussed the life and times of the poet Gregory Greyhawk and the collection Wailing in Heaven/Whistling in Hell. I broadcast readings of Greyhawk's works by the master himself - preserved before his untimely death on March 25, 2011.


Listen to Tribute to Gregory Greyhawk >>

Wailing in Heaven/Whistling in Hell".... How estranged the human race is from itself, and how we pollute one another with easy conjecture, lazy attempts at self-realization, faulty philosophies and contrived self-importances are the recurring themes that conjoin the landscapes of Gregory Greyhawk's Wailing in Heaven, Whistling in Hell. Just perhaps the realms of Heaven and Hell, like the S-curve that separates light from dark in the Taoist yin-yang, are not so far removed from one another, in fact, like little eyes, may occasionally intrude into each other's territory. We are our own myths. We are our own iconoclasts. We are Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan, 20 years after the fact. Gregory Greyhawk thunders through our mental/emotional territory as if he had been handed its keys by Pancho Villa, Geronimo, or Charlemagne. Yet, his is a message which is neither bound by time and circumstance, nor the dictates of religion or politics, but which molds and clarifies destiny--his own, and that which is shared by a fractured and dissipated human race. In Greyhawk's world, we are the predators, we are the hunted, and now we may be honest about it. Wyandot/ Huron/ French-Canadian, hockey pro, Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam, rail jumper, 3rd mate on the Great Lakes and the high seas, Greyhawk strikes dead center with multi-lingual precision and profound intellectual veracity."

Check out some of Greyhawk's works in the Howling Dog Press Publication "From Hive This Mind" (see 118 - 123) >>




March 30, 2011: WeMustBe Live PDF Print E-mail
Lunch Archive - Audio Archive
Written by Adam Roufberg   
Monday, 28 March 2011
Christine Domigues and T Xiques - We Must Be
WeMustBe joined me once again to share music with the WVKR audience:
WeMustBeMembers Christine Dominguez and T. Xiques play an assortment of instruments, and continuously switch it up on stage with vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, 5-string bass and cajón/percussion, creating their Organic Pop sound.
Christine Dominguez, from Newburgh, NY, co-authored this summer's Grammy nominated hit song “Airplanes" by B.o.B and is collaborating with artists and producers in the Hip Hop/Urban community where her distinct and soulful vocals are in demand.
T. Xiques grew up in Putnam Valley, NY, an only child in a musical family. He started gigging as a professional drummer at age 15 and continued on to tour across the US, Canada, Europe and Malaysia with diverse artists Savoy Brown, Dr.Know and Daryl Jenifer (Bad Brains), Colin Hay and Brother, among many others. WeMustBe wrote and produced their singles “Pop Tune” & “Waiting”, and are collaborating with other independent artists while working on their debut album.
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